Friday, October 24, 2008

dear spoilee (your daily dose of teasing)


don't fret, your box is coming right along! :-) I have it just about finished.....I'm not going to send it off yet, because I want to torture errr I mean make sure I have your box just right before sending it off to you! I have until December 5th to make sure you have it opened already (that's the get to you date, not the mail to you by date), so I'm figuring a good month wait......should I make you wait that long?

I can't believe some have already sent off! They are busy bee's for sure! I have one more project I want to knit for you before sending it off, because I 'heard' you like this ________ and I want to try to ______it into the box before mailing it to you.

I won't make you wait until the very end......or will I???????? Am I that kind of spoiler??? To make you wait?

you haven't really posted at all on Raverly.....have you forgotten you signed up for this swap? Or do you not have a computer at home so you can't post so I can know you better?

I'm looking forward to sending off your goodies...I hope you like them!