Friday, October 24, 2008

I guess we have no choice but to put Mary Jane down.

I have tried everything that I know to try, and have called everyone, emailed everyone, that I can think of & no one is willing to give Mary Jane a chance.

here is her original story

she originally belonged to someone that had mental issues & deserted her here when she 'ran off' she was literally dumped on our dirt road (keep in mind the owner originally lived here)

Mary Jane got pregnant 2 times. had 12 puppies the first time, and 14 puppies the last time. We paid to get her fixed so this wouldn't happen again.

the neighbor that originally took Mary Jane in when she was deserted decided it was okay to dump her 30 miles away from home, and they even thought it was okay to shoot & kill some of her remaining puppies (we've been told that's what they did)......they were going to kill Mary Jane too when she made her way back here (from 30 miles away!)..we begged them to let us have her to try & get her adopted out.

we took good care of her, and got her fixed & all...

fast forward a few months...

this middle aged woman begged me for Mary Jane. Claimed she had lots of property, and a pond for her to play in, and she had a log cabin & Mary Jane would have a good home with her...

my husband started getting short time at work, and I broke my ankle and things haven't been the easiest here.

5 weeks after adopting her...this bianca decided to drop her off like a no-good nothing...didn't say a word to me as she dropped her off, in fact just 'dumped' her in my yard.

we honestly can't afford to feed her past Saturday. We can barely feed ourselves & I don't know what to do.

I posted in free cycle & after a few people contacting me, it seems no one wants to give this good dog a chance. It's a shame too. She's a good dog..

I just called the only no kill shelter & they have no openings. I am sadended beyond words about this.

I wish I didn't blame all these lame people that have mistreated her, but I do. I almost hate them.

I know that my husband will say we have no choice, because we simply don't.