Friday, October 24, 2008

just when you think you've heard it all.

we were watching ABC 20/20 tonight & were shocked to learn of this 'strange' pair.

not only is there a man that 'lives' among wild wolves (in a wolf haven of sorts), but now apparently his girlfriend is partaking of this 'ritual'. Color me shocked. I never knew that this ever existed, or that people were interested enough in the wolf counterparts to be that much apart of it......getting bitten, scratched, and in general risking their lives for this 'style' of living.

while watching this, we learned that not only can they not bathe, etc. when they are among the wolves, they have to be submissive at times too, allowing the wolves to be at their throats.....

I honestly think that is the most bizarre thing I've seen all day.

their story appears on Animal Planet..and their names are Shaun Ellis and Helen Jeffs.

Mr. Ellis is even quoted as saying he hopes that the wolves accept his mate as they accepted him. ???hoping??? oh, I don't know if hoping is enough to get me in that cage with them, thank you very much.

they say love is blind, and some say it is even dumb and stupid, but I have never seen this type of 'love' in all my life. To me, if my mate is willing to not only put his life at risk, but mine as well.......that is my que to exit stage left. We only have one life & I can't imagine living it in this matter.

you can read more about them

God love your hearts. I hope you both know what you are doing.