Saturday, March 28, 2009

yesterday.......we all survived it.

the church was packed......there were a few people standing in the back too.....everyone showed up to pay respects to my uncle (my Mom's brother) Tom Ed.

the preacher said the best sermon I've heard at a funeral in a while......about how he wasn't going to preach Tom Ed's funeral because Tom Ed had already done that....

Supergirl cried a lot. She's so tenderhearted that she just couldn't stand it. Wonderboys chin quivered a few times, but he didn't cry.

I, of course, cried....not thru the whole thing.....but when they started singing & it ended up being some of the same songs that was sung at my Moms funeral it just came spilling out. Seeing my aunt Joyce & cousin Shelia (who has ALS) cry like that would tear anyone up, especially if you love them like I do.

this was a terribly hard week on all of us......

after the funeral, my Dad called & told me that someone had upset my Granny (his Mom). I found out why, and let me just say that my cousins have some explaining to do as to why they think it's okay to make a woman in her late 80's cry like a baby..and they won't have to answer to's someone else they have to explain their mean actions to. I told Granny I'd be out there today to fix her hair, and she seemed to feel a little better.

my nerves are on edge & I just wish I could calm down.......I don't know how to find that soothing place & I just feel like my nerves are raw right now.