Friday, March 27, 2009

dreary day.

I hate that its such a bad day for my uncles funeral. It's rainy, mucky, and a storm is coming. I hate that this is how his body will be put to rest, in the middle of all this....because if his life was an example of how this weather should be, it should be sunny and warm.....

I was sick as a dog yesterday, and last night.....I didn't get to go last evening to be with his family, especially his daughter Shelia. Mom would want me to look after her special, because not only did she have an extra special bond with her, Shelia has ALS (like Mom did) and she has no children of her own (as I may have this point I don't remember)....but I also didn't want to get her, as bad as it made me feel, I stayed home.

today there will be a gathering of people that knew & loved my uncle and his family...there will be extreme sorrow because everyone loved him so & he will for sure be missed.

his little body will be in the casket & it will twist my heart in pain to see it there. I'm selfish. I want to keep all of the very few fans that I have, and now I have one less.....and my poor aunt who has spent more time with him than she knew life without him, will not know what to do with herself today. I know my aunt. She will try to take care of others.....I am praying for strength for her and their children/family. It's going to be a long sad day for us......but what a glorious day for him.

♪..what a day that will be
when my Jesus Christ I'll see
and I look upon His face.....
the one that saved me by His grace....
what a day glorious day that will be....♫

he loved that song....after his sister (my Mom) died, especially. I remember him walking with his cane (which he doesn't need anymore!) to me at church & holding me close as I cried over missing her....and I remember the smell of his aftershave and faint smell tobacco...and I remember what he said to me, and how he called me Sissy.

today, while we are mourning, he is free. He is with not only Jesus (which is Heaven in itself), but is also with my Mom, their younger brother, Sam, and their parents. His unborn and born too soon grandchildren, and great grandchildren......they are getting quite a family up there.

a funny thing about these Ciscos.My Maw Maw Maggie must have been one great Mom use to talk about smelling fried chicken and hearing her Daddy call her name.......and my uncle Tom Ed was wanting food too right before he went to reside with Jesus.

church will not be the same without seeing him testify, and hearing his quiet honesty..his humble and obvious love for the Lord and how he'd tell everyone how Jesus had changed him. I loved that about him.

butterscotch candy will not be the same, either. Every single time he saw me in church he'd have to "bribe" me to sit still by giving me candy.....we made a big joke out of it, as a matter of fact.....He was such a quiet man, any laughter from him was a present in itself. How I love that man.

I don't know who all/if anyone reads this blog, but if you do...please pray for my uncles family. Its such a sad day for them.


Mary said...

Prayers are with you. How fortunate you were to have such a wonderful. loving person in your life.

Suzanne B said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my prayers.

You have more fans rooting for you than you know!