Friday, March 13, 2009

guess what I'm doing now?

I have been knitting up dish/washcloths for our church charity & trying to keep knitting on my sweater of doom, but I recently was given the opportunity to be one of the test knitters for someone! Yea me!

A dear friend RAK'd me a skein of NORO (which I couldn't afford BTW!), and I am planning on using that for the test knitting.......I'm so happy! The yarn is going to be a dream to knit with, too!

I'm going to be one spoiled gal!

Today, I had mail!

2 Womens Health mags!!! I haven't looked them cover to cover yet, but I'm LOVING them! I was given the opportunity for these free issues, and then not subscribe if I didn't like them.....I can't afford to subscribe, but I am happy for the free 2 issues. Check them out if you have time at *you may want to know this is a mag that talks about the female body, and certain body parts, etc. are mentioned* to get your free 2 issues ☺

and...drum roll please????

my Mary Maxim Spring Sale mag came today! Of course There's no buying, but I sure do love looking at the projects....its free to subscribe, so check them out at