Friday, March 13, 2009

03/11/09 fitness report...and weigh in too!

I knew I'd maintain because I wasn't able to really eat on target thru the week. I just couldn't get the right kind of groceries needed to be 'low fat/carbs'...but I did at least get my calories per no weight gain is good.

this coming week will be better because I did my major shopping yesterday ☺ YIPPEE!!

I worked out to BFBM this AM and my workout total time is 5 hours. I still have tomorrow to go ☺ I'm planning on doing BFBM in the AM, and the workout my arms extra because I want to have fantastic 'guns'.

yesterdays workout slay'd me. Especially the frog jumps outside, but I could really tell the benefits of doing it today...I felt so much stronger! I'm happy I've worked out extra this week ☺

128 lbs & holding steady.