Wednesday, February 18, 2009

to the person on Ebay that took my money & has yet to send out my books.

Dear Ebay seller,
When I bid on your curriculum, I did so on good faith. I made prompt (immediate) payment thru paypal when notified I had won said curriculum.

day after day after day after day after week, etc. has passed & still no books.

I have emailed you 3 times & have contacted you thru ebay 1 time. To no avail. Of course you received my I know my side of it has been completed.

It may not matter to you that you have taken my money & run, but I wonder what kind of person can do this to others? You are obviously a homeschooling parent as well, so how would you feel if someone did this with your childrens books for their school? Do you think this is fair?

so, now I have to go thru all the crap to file a complaint & fight to get my money back. All because you didn't hold up your end of the bargin. I hope you are happy with yourself. You have ruined Ebay for me.