Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm a rambler....rambler...I ramble->>>

around, around, around.

this week has found our schooling one day shorter, and the children are loving it! There's still reports & essays to do, and the dreaded algebra (lol) but they sure enjoyed their day off :o) Mom did too.

I've finished the left front panel on my sweater, and have but just a wee bit to finish the back & I'm 1/2 finished with the right front panel. It's going pretty quickly (considering). I also started a scarf for my MIL (who is SO knitworthy!), but I'm thinking of frogging it & starting over because it's just not perfect enough for her (lol)

my groom figured out that his spring break from college will be March 16-20, so that means we will have March 14-22nd free from classes, etc. My groom is thinking of us doing something that week, but I'm not for sure yet. I'm always up for a trip to Savannah, so we may just go there. I'm not sure (as I've just said LOL)

man. I'm tired. I get up first thing and workout like a madwoman & now it's my "Momma is tired" feeling. It usually only lasts a little while (few minutes) but it happens, right?