Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 14:Shred DVD

I awoke, as I usually do, just ready to workout. I mean it excites me to know that I'm going to workout, and if I have a day off, I kinda feel lost for the day...ohhhh I'm addicted, and I hope it sticks for me.

I cheated. I got on the scale today. I know I'm not expected to weigh but once per week, but so many of my clothes seem to be getting bigger on me...but alas...no weight loss. How in the world can I work so hard, have obvious changes in my body, and YET no weight loss? I'm still firm at just over 130 (sometimes during the day I stagger to 135. Yep. This stinks!

I found this link today
and I wonder....would they take me? I only have my last bit of weight to lose, but don't even those of us down to the last struggle deserve to have the chance to have this kind of help? Do you have to be bigger to get on there? I wonder. I weigh like 131, and I'd love to weigh 120, and dream of weighing 115. I'm having a terrible time getting the last bit of the weight off & I'd love to know if they would even let me join in? I don't know. I just know that I'm getting this weight off.

I lowered my macros last week, in an effort to get out of this slump
according to Jillian's book I read my BMR formula my calorie intake should be 1317, and this is how I changed it last week
calories 1100-1200
you will notice my calorie intake lowered from 1317 to 1100-1200. I have also increased my water intake. We shall see how this works. I just have to get the right combination for my 5'0" frame.

I worked out today & feel fantastic! I feel SO alive!

how I'm going to change my routine next week:
2.Reduce your sodium and DRINK LOTS OF WATER: Keep your sodium under 1,500 mg a day at most for as long as you can manage. You can achieve this in part by cutting all processed food out of your diet for two weeks.