Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 13:Shred DVD

this weekend turned out to be a great one (fitness related).

I woke up Sunday morning, only to find that I had little to wear to church. I had to get rid of like 7 dresses/skirts because some of them I couldn't even keep up on me...and I was wearing them about a month ago! Oh yea! Feels good!

I just worked out day 13 of shred (I'm on level 2) and for the first time, not only did I make myself a sweat bra, I was POURING with sweat. Something I have never done. Not even when I was doing 2 Richard Simmons tapes per day to try & lose weight.

I can only attribute it to all the water I've been drinking. I've been drinking over a gallon of water per day. I can't remember the last sip of tea I've had and in the past 3 weeks I've only had one Dr. Pepper (which I didn't think I could ever get off of), but I crave water. Can't get enough of it. My lips get dry now if I don't have a lot of water in me. I never knew I could love water this much. Instead of being the non-sweater (LOL) I thought I was, I was really just holding onto the water (so I couldn't really sweat), that's probably why I've been at this standstill for so long. I'm expecting to see major changes in my body by May because of not only my dedication to working out, but because I've entirely changed my eating habits & what I drink. It's simple math, folks. You do the math you get the results. And if you know me at all, you know what a math geek I truly am.

I should have known I'd be easily addicted to working out. I don't know why I fought it so long. I guess I thought I wouldn't be strong enough. But let me tell you...when I get to working out & start feeling like I have to quit I think about all those people that have mistreated me in my life & it kinda makes me mad...and I had rather 'die' than not finish the routine. I'm not weak anymore. No one will ever mistreat me again if I have anything to do with it. Sure, people "ran over me" years ago, and I haven't forgotten. I will see them again...and while they've cared so little for their health and have just fed the already fat that they are...they will be sorry. (these are the thoughts that run thru my head)...there were people that cared so little about my kids they just deserted them...they thought me weak. I'm not weak anymore. You come looking for my kids you will not like what you get in return. You will not hurt them again. You left and you will stay gone. I will die to protect them.....(I think this too) that just all gets my blood pumping and by the time I'm finished I'm drenched in sweat & wearing myself a sweat bra...LOL

both my boys have dimples. Deep ones. My girls, no. I have the faintest of dimples that you can only see when you see my cheekbones (yea for indian heritage!). My face is slimming down folks! As soon as I can get my MIL to send me a copy of a pic I had taken when I visited I will show you pics of them both so you can see the difference. I'm starting to see my face slim down! It's so exciting!

I just know that I will see a change in the scale this week...I just know it!