Friday, February 20, 2009

special thanks to the person that stole my sons bike. /snark

my Wonderboy was given a bike just a few months ago & was so proud of it. He had all kind of gadgets to it & everything. He made the mistake of leaving it away from our porch & someone so kindly stole it.

yep. took off with it.

a special thanks to the person that did this, and not only upset my son, but made him cry. I hope you are happy.

we can't afford to give him another one, it was all we could do to go thru channels to get him this one....I don't know why you took something that didn't belong to you......

I hope it's a good bike for you & that it is indeed worth stealing. It sure wasn't worth it to see my son so upset.

I'm so tired of this sin sick place.