Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 17:Shred DVD

Day 5 of workout today.....

I always feel weak when doing day 5, but man after the workout is finished I feel


what is it about knowing you are finished with the weekly workout that gives you that "pump" and excitement? Just knowing I have tomorrow to rest makes me almost giddy! OH YEA!

I'm getting a lot stronger with my plank poses in the video & man they make me feel strong! I hate doing them, and love doing them all at the same time....and man, those walking push ups! OHHHH VEH!

I have my after workout rush & am thinking about doing another workout, but I know I don't need to do it...It will come in time.......slow and steady wins the race..oh yea.

check back here Monday because I will be starting Banish Fat Boost Metabolism :o) That's almost an hour long video...oh yea.