Sunday, February 01, 2009


well, we are back from Dad's and it was quite a ride! LOL the 4 of us crammed into a truck built for should have seen us, but thank God we are back home safely!

I love Sundays for so many reasons, but today was especially fun for me because
1. I didn't need to exercise
2. I was allowed 1 Dr. Pepper...yummo!

I wish that I have feel-vision here on my blog so you could 'feel' how sore I am after my workouts "Shred" is for sure hard to do & I recommend it to anyone that is wanting to be more fit.

I am waiting for my other exercise DVD and book related to fitness to arrive so my arsenal will be fully stocked. I can't wait to see all of the different things to do, eat, and be! It will be loads of fun, and I have to admit I'm quite bitten by the fitness bug as of late, and if nothing else I will be a firm, fit person at my weight......and that is something!! :o)

guess what else? I haven't picked at my nails/fingers for over a week. Yep. I'm kind of a big deal. LOL 39 years of biting my nails/etc. and I just up and decided this is the year to kick that habit too. I'm tired of being ashamed of my hands, and being embarrassed when someone mentions how badly my hands look. I don't know if I will be able to do this, but Lord knows I'm trying. I wonder if its silly to ask the Lord to help me break this bad habit too? I hope not, because I'm for sure asking His help...I can't do it all on my own.

like I said earlier, we went to Dads and he mentioned that for sure Granny's car is going to the car lot Monday. He said he would be surprised if she got $500 for it......I don't know why my money wasn't good enough for her, or whatever, but I wish her the best of luck with selling it. I sure hope she gets more than $500 for it so that she can stash a little of the money back. It's really sad that she's no longer going to be driving at all. It's truly the end of an era. It's truly sad.

one of her sisters has just found out she has cancer, and her son (he's a dr.) said that she's really eaten up with it (his words)......please pray for her, her name is Tilda....I'm so worried about my Granny over this, she is closest to her, and just this news & the fact that Tilda won't get any medical help with it now is just too much for my poor Granny. I wish I could fix this for my Granny, but I can not....I feel helpless. Bless their hearts. I can't imagine losing a sibling...or feeling like I was going to lose one, KWIM? I know that my Granny & her sisters are getting older but you still like to hold onto your siblings as long as possible & it makes it all the more harder when you are older than the sibling that is expected to go home soon. It's truly sad for heart breaks for them...

did I ever tell you that I had the best in-laws in the world? I do. Not that my own family is crabby or anything, but it's just something about my grooms family...they are so awesome. My husbands aunt is someone I wish I could live close enough to so I could visit, maybe ride bikes with....did you ever know anyone that was just 'positive energy' to you & you couldn't wait to talk to them? Well, that's his aunt. She's awesome...she works all the time, but she still finds time to talk to lil' ol' me. How awesome is that?

well, thats it for now.....if you are reading this, how about dropping me a line to say

HI!! :o)


knitogether said...

Hi, Kim! Just a "shout out" to you today!