Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 18:Shred DVD level 3

oh my word. I about died. I threw up (just a little)......it was so intense....oh my word...

I woke up this AM, in a "mood" that can only be described as almost the "blahs", but I refused to let that stand in my way of a good workout. ☺ So what...I wanted to sleep in...did I? NO....I got up & did my routine with a smile on my face, and just this side of a workout I can say I DID IT. I'm so proud!

sure, I will probably go back down to level 2 when I do it next because I don't really feel "ready" for level 3, but I still did it!!! I have made it 18 workouts with Shred. 18! WOW! I'm doing things already that I would have been afraid to/couldn't do it a mere 6 weeks ago! I thank God for it!

I still have the MACRO's "freak out" and am always afraid I'm going to go over.......if not for my gym rat of a husband (who is very familiar with these things) I don't know what I'd do! So, thanks to my Boo! He gives me the encouragement I need daily...as do all you that message me (both on my blog & privately)...thank you all so much!

I'm so sore from my BFBM workout yesterday, I can only imagine how I will be feeling tomorrow. Lord help! I hope I can still walk...LOL