Tuesday, February 24, 2009

let me watch my children grow.

there are often times that I am in such awe of my children that words on this little blog could never describe. Yes, me. I'm wordless.

I came across this video this AM and I dedicate it not only to the 2 children that are in my life, but to all 4 of them.

I have 2 children that were adopted a long time ago.....they are considered young adults, but to me they are my babies, and I will forever remember the time when we were all one.

I will leave this world loving you all. God may or may not will it, but I pray I get to have a time in my life that my heart isn't breaking and longing to be with all my children, because they are all in my life.

God helps us when we ask it. If not for God, I couldn't make it thru this time. God is what makes me strong, and helps show me what a good Mother truly is. No, I can't buy my children the world, and only He knows when I will ever be able to take them to a real vacation, or cruise, etc. or buy them new things....but even at my darkest moments I know this is NOT the only side to being a good parent. Sure, I'd love to give them the moon, but I can't.......instead, I have given them what I have......my heart. forever and always.

I read this saying once
a mother gives her children roots and wings

here's to all those Mothers, like me, that have the difficult task of only being able to give some of her children these 2 things.

here's your video kids. I love you all so much. You all complete me.