Tuesday, February 24, 2009

because sometimes you want to feel like an angel.

I belong to www.ravelry.com and I had the opportunity to fill in as a "swap angel" for a group I was in.

a swap angel is someone that just sends a package to someone in a swap that their spoiler just didn't send them a package for whatever reason. You don't get a package in return..it's just a way to not only feel good, but to help another person that was left out, feel good too.

It was a sidesweets swap, meaning it wasn't a Major swap, and you only sent candy, etc. I went shopping & filled the box with as much candy as I could find (within the price budget), and I included a box of teas, and 2 different skeins of my handdyed yarns, and one pack of kettle popcorn *because who doesn't need popcorn, am I right?*

it arrived at said persons door & she posted her thanks...I don't know her feelings about the yarns that I sent, but I hope she liked it.

so ends my angel-ing. I'm just no good at this swap thing because I'm from the old school where you not only post thanks to the person, you PM them, and post pics, etc. and I honestly can't expect everyone to do that, so I am always left wondering if they liked it (my 2 swaps that I've done leads me to believe I have bad tastes anyway because the people seemed underwhelmed & the first spoilee even tried to trade the yarns I sent to her for other yarns to me!).

this angel-ing wasn't a swap...it was a great chance for me to bring a smile ☺to someones day. I hope I did that.

back to the regularly scheduled blog.