Wednesday, February 04, 2009

the cost of a van

our little van has been such a good van, especially when you consider what we paid for it, the fact it has over 200,000 miles on it, and how old it is.

but it has torn up on us. And we don't know how to really fix it.

we took it to a nearby trustworthy garage & it ended up being a grocery list of things wrong with it that we didn't know. It ended up costing more than what we had put back from our taxes to get it new mattresses for the kids...and only maybe a new coat & a couple of new dresses for them. But thank God we had the money. Otherwise we would be 'afoot' soon.

my Granny had my cousin that sells cars to put her only car on their lot to sell it. Wish I could have bought it. She had promised me last year that she was giving it to me, but I would have gladly paid her for it (if I could have afforded it). She decided to not sell to me, didn't even offer to as a matter of fact, and decided to sell it to complete strangers. So, today, someone that we don't even know is driving my Granny's car. And that makes me sad. Not only for us, but for her. She will have to completely depend on others to get around....

it's depressing to have a sick van. I wish that it hadn't torn up on us. I don't understand why it did....but I'm sure God has His reasons. A water pump, a wiper motor, and transmission something...all torn up.....we had been going w/o using wipers & if it was raining too hard we just didn't go, and we didn't go if it was raining at all during the's going to be good when we get it back & can go whether it's rainy or not.

thank God it was fixable. We'd be out of luck if it wasn't fixable.