Wednesday, February 04, 2009

my only swap for the year.

this is the ONLY/last swap I'm doing this year LHOTP swap!

spoiler alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

don't look unless you want to see what I'm sending out...

you have been warned!

2 bags for needles, etc. one black one gold/black

everyone needs a bright yellow folder with pretty paper inside, don't they?

one of the patterns I'm sending along

kitty approved!

stickers...she loves to take pics, etc. I thought this may be fun to put on her pics!

good smelly stuff!

magnetic note pad

a light read

hand decorated letters

hole punches/ink blots, sparkley's for her photo habits!

Knit Tricks hardback book

my first attempt at felting. A bag knitted from Alpaca I dyed myself

her pretty lil' box!

another shot of the bags

she loves to of thread!

kitty treats for her kitty!

What Little House swap is complete without a Little House book?

I'm so nervous about sending this ^^^ it's a time period piece I knitted. It's a 'wrap' can be dyed any color she likes. (cotton)

3 skeins of yarn (1 wool) and (2 cotton and handdyed by me)

don't you think this paper is loverly? LOL I'm sending lots of it!