Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the mad rush is over

the mad rush with my 12 clients happens to be offically closed & everyone is happy with their results! YEAH!

I am so thankful that God worked it for me to be able to get these jobs & the results are of His glory, not me alone.

I love doing web work, and building web pages make me so happy. I can stay awake hours on end when I have deadlines & I can see the end results. I love seeing end results.

I wish it were to where I could do webwork/graphics work full time, but there's nothing like that here, and I'm left to depend upon freelance work, and it's either feast or famine when it comes to work like that, KWIM?

my ideal job of course would be for me to be able to work from home, especially with homeschooling being my first job. I know that things like that don't happen all the time, but I'm prayerful, and my God is an awesome God that can do anything :o)

I have all the yarns that needed to be painted finished :o) the 25 skeins that I was contracted to do turned out to be prettier than my sample skein....I just love the slightest changes in browns and pinks....I'm going to dye myself some like that when I can. :o)

so begins the lull after the storm. All my work is completed & I'm left feeling 'let down' because I've no more to do. Now is the time I start searching all over again for freelance work....

anyone want to hire this graphics artist? LOL