Saturday, January 31, 2009

everything else.

I'm still waiting for this bad boy to be delivered.....I'm hoping it will be here by Thursday! Isn't it beautiful!?
I can't wait for it to come so that I can spin...or at least try to! LOL
today is our sit and knit at Jacks in Ft. Payne. :o) I am so very excited! It's at 4:00 today, if you want to stop by! I just can't wait! :o)
Next week is going to be fun! Supergirl is teaching a chapter of health & Wonderboy is teaching a chapter of history.....It will be fun to see what they to, and how they teach.......who knows, this may be the start of something for them.
WOW, I forgot to tell you, Supergirl read a 500 page book in a week. She's dyslexic & that's a big deal! I'm proud of her! *muah* Supergirl! I told you that it was possible!
Wonderboy is so good at making seems like everyone at church knows him, even the older kids :o) I wish I could make friends that easily, that quick....LOL I'm so proud of him for it too!
I am kinda excited that tomorrow is my off day for my workouts. I'm so sore. I need the rest. I am hoping to find a dress that shows off my shawl & wear it for church. I love that shawl....I can't wait for church because I just love to go.....we have a great church.....did I ever tell you that?
I'm a few inches into my sweater.....I did my first ever buttonhole & eventhough it's not perfect, I'm proud of it *grins* I can't wait to get it finished!!! I don't know how long it will take, but I can't wait!
I also have a pair of socks that I'm going to make for someone else, and a jacket to be made for my groom with Patton on the back of it (yep, strand knitting!) first that hard & I am just waiting for the yarn to come in to get started <--it's on its way & I'm so excited! I hope I am up to the challenge!
after all of that is out of the way I'm knitting myself more socks. The children have seemed to take off with not only the socks I've made for them, but the ones I've made for me...after Supergirl wears them they are too stretched for me (she wears a size 10, I wear a size 6.5), and Wonderboy has a bigger foot than I do now, so they never fit me right again.......these next socks will NOT be shared...LOL.....they can have the ones they 'hid' :o) I think I will start hiding mine
the children are both outside, and we've made the rule no Wii except for night/bad weather, or they wouldn't be outside now. I think we are going to make that a Friday night/Saturday night thing so that they won't be so absorbed into the games.......they still need to socialize beyond the Wii, KWIM?
I had another business contact me about doing webwork for them & I'm expecting to do that within the next couple of weeks, and I'm expecting to finish up work for another business. I currently have a few openings if anyone needs to hire a graphics artist, just let me know..
well, knitting awaits.


Elle said...

If you get the wheel and can't figure out how to use the thing, c'mon over to my place and we'll have a spinners afternoon. Don't hesitate -- I'm always looking for fellowship with other yarn addicts. :o)

K said...

ohhh Elle! You may live to regret that offer! LOL