Saturday, December 20, 2008

long, dreary week for many

As I sit here, listening to the laughter & movement of my Supergirl and Wonderboy I am so thankful that we are dry, warm, fed, clothed and happy. There are so many parents out there with children that are fighting and struggling to live, or suffering with some sort of sickness.

there are also those parents out there that are having to go thru this holiday season without their young ones. My heart goes out to them all. I can not imagine living past my children & the strength God can give I pray for that for you all. My 2 oldest children were adopted & I don't get to see them, or know anything about them, etc. but at least I know they are alive & well....and that is so much more than I could ever ask.

you would have to be living under a rock to not have noticed 2 major headlines involving children in the US

Adam Walsh case closed, or is it?

Walshs most wanted no more, portrait of a child killer part one

or did they miss Jeffery Dahmer? Was he involved?

how the Walshs took severe grief & turned it into hope for all of us

my heart goes out to Adams family. The heartbreak you feel must be more than words can say....know that I am praying for you all there. Thank you for opening up your heart & helping so many with all you do.


and then theres this heartwrenching story

Caylee Anthony's remains found

ohhhh how sad this is indeed. I can't help but cry for this poor child that seemed to be born to a mother that was what seems to be a murderer. I don't know who killed this poor baby. I just pray that God sent angels to be with her to comfort her as only He can....Lord have mercy. It just breaks my heart.

we also had a case in Huntsville where the child was murdered by his mother/and her boyfriend. It didn't get as much of a spot a matter of fact I can't find the exact link now, but it involved a poor baby that had the misfortune of the type of parents that have very little care for them........I pray for the rest of the family as well.

and then there was this case where someone murdered his son & step son (in my area)

man accused of killing son

how many families are touched by this heartbreak every year? It seems we only hear about 1 high profile case a year, but I'm sure there are many, many more.......

what a long week it must have been for the Walsh/Anthony family......I can not imagine what they are going thru. My prayers are with you all.


thank you God for the children in my life. Without them I would be lost.