Saturday, December 20, 2008

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

in most of the world.........but here it looks like a rainy mess!


underneath our Christmas tree lay presents for my children. Each present a miracle of it's own because of my groom being laid off.......we've had no Christmas charities we could sign up for here (the one I tried to sign up for was...well...less than helpful for's in another blog entry if you want to read it)..........we didn't know how in the world we were going to manage everything, especially with there being a longer wait on my grooms unemployment checks (we've waited over a month!!!).....but thru the grace of God, and His little helpers, we were able to take our meager funds and give the children a Christmas! It may not be as fancy or as big as what most children get, but each present is a miracle and has a story that I will share with them as they open presents.......what a special Christmas for them!

my little guy says that he just wants us happy for Christmas, and my little girl says that just hugs is fine (they are 13 and 14 so that's a big deal!) I raised such unselfish children is a blessing from God indeed. God has worked in their hearts and has given them so much that I can't even begin to describe how wonderful it is to be their Mother. "her children rise up & call her blessed"......amen. I am blessed indeed.

I have missed doing my Christmas charity work with the neighborhood children this year. It's been so sad that I couldn't participate in Shoebox ministries or anything. It's just so sad because we've always loved doing that........but there simply wasn't the funds this year........but we are praying for next year! There are so many children in need and we love to do our little part to help.

I haven't been left out of being worked on, either! God has used, and continues to use this as an exercise in patience & relying on Him (even my groom says so).......we have learned so much! And my groom is going to church & reading the Bible.......I don't care if I never got another present....having all my family at church and living for the Lord is the best present ever.....aside from salvation, of course! LOL

in 2 more years we will be moved away from this dreary place (praying!) and my groom will have a job as a nurse, and hopefully I will be able to work from home because we want to continue homeschooling.....and things won't be so bad/hard on us. The children have been so brave and strong and strong and brave....they have taught me so much about faith...I have the faith things will be better.........."ooooh child...things are get easier..........things will get brighter"

every day it has seemed to rain since the wipers tore up on our groom has had to battle getting where he has to go (school) and we've tried to make it to every church service, but can't go to the ones at night, or course.......we can't see at all's almost comical to even think about how once one thing tears up they all seem to tear up like dominos falling.....but we've not lost our faith.......God has brought us together as a family and where do we really need to go anyway? It's saved us on it's not all bad, am I right?

I am looking forward to 2009......I am praying it's a good one for us all.........
thank you Jesus for everything......the thorns and the roses.