Monday, December 22, 2008

the kind of thing that makes you appreciate Christmas even more :)

the Storey clan went to church yesterday & man were we surprised at the size of crowd we had yesterday! We go to a good size church, mind you, but this was a packed crowd & it was like something from the movies to see so many people packed into that one place. Everyone was dressed in Christmas colors & there was a smile on every face. What is it about Christmas that puts that kind of smile on your face? I know for me it's Jesus. I just get tickled everytime I think about His birth & His sacrifice. There is no way to not feel special by hearing that story over again. This world may turn a cold shoulder to you, but not Jesus.

the wee tikes in church sang a few songs....some of them weren't even old enough to read, but they held their books like they could anyway. They were all so darling, and they are so caught up in the Christmas spirit! :)

there are a few children there that their parents don't attend church. For some reason those are the children that are drawn to talk to my groom & I. I think that children long to be mothered everywhere they go, and I don't know how to 'shut that off' in I end up mothering everyone, I guess.

there's this one girl in particular that my heart goes out to because you can tell by the look in her eyes she just wants her parents there. She's shy, and that makes it even harder on her....I can't imagine sending my wee one up there without me at that age (she's so young!) but thank God they allow her to go, even if they don't.

yesterday, while they were up there singing, she kept looking at me & smiling.....there was no one else there for her to look & smile to like you do your parents, so my groom & I just beamed praises to her..eventhough she's not ours, she needs that praise don't you think?

I love kids. There has never been a truer statement made about me in my life. I love my own, I love others....I just love them all. My brother would joke it's because they are my size (I'm short), but it's not. There's just something about them that always makes me smile, and makes me so happy to be alive. They don't care if you aren't in fashion or if you've not had a haircut..they still like you.....and they are the first to tell you when you've got food caught in your teeth, or if you have bad breath. I like that kind of honesty...we all need that forgiving nature & blatant honesty, don't you agree?

I came home yesterday after church with the feeling of Christmas. Our church put on a great play & we have a wonderful pastor. We are blessed to attend such a church.