Friday, December 26, 2008

I've decided......

this year was full of knitting and sewing all year long for Christmas prezzies for the family. Especially after my kids let it be known that they loved me, but didn't want knitwear for Christmas....

I have decided that this coming year (09) I'm not going to do that for the family. I am just going to knit and sew for fun. Doing all those projects (which ended up not being very well received by some anyway) took all the fun out of crafting, and that's not fair to anyone.

"it's home made, isn't it?" grrr. I don't want to hear that question in that tone of voice ever. Maybe I haven't been selfish enough of a knitter up until now......because so many didn't seem to grasp how a shawl takes a month to knit.....yes, a month (from the Victorian Lace Today book), and they just threw it on the floor....YES.....on the floor! And went on to other presents & ooohhh and ahhhh over the store bought stuff.

next year, I will just take the money I would have spent on yarn & buy them something. It may just be a couple of dollars, but at least it's store bought & it won't hurt my feelings as badly as the shawl, when it's thrown on the floor. Maybe I will even get them something breakable so that they won't so callusly throw them on the floor, I think that's what I will do.

my step Mom just flat out won't let me do anything to help in the kitchen. I don't know why. My step brother got a live in this year and she let her do 1/2 the cooking, but told me to just 'sit down and visit'....what the world??? yep, I went from being 3rd on the favorites ladder to 5th (lol) and there are 2 there that aren't even blood related! I don't know why she won't let me help...I'm clean, and I'm not a bad cook......I want to think it's because she just is trying to spoil me & not let me 'work' thats what I'm going with.....yep........that's's not because of anything negative :)

I also think that next year everyone can come here......we are always going one place or another, and we are always celebrating with the family elsewhere (having Christmas just as a family here), but next year I'm having it here, all at one time...everyone...then we can have our little clan celebration later just the 4 of us.