Thursday, December 25, 2008

52 books in a year? Can I do it?

I am hoping to have read 52 more books by this time next year......:)

I received this jewel of a book from Randy Pausch with Jeffrey Zaslow
(you can read more about it *here* )

As mentioned earlier, we are big book readers groom & I especially :) We are trying our best to pass this love of the written word down to our children, and in turn pass it down to our grandchildren, great get the idea :)

one of my books was written by

Randy Pausch *click here to read more about him*

his fight with cancer *read about it here*

his enduring legacy *read more here*

it is 206 pages of wonderful. This is a must read. It is impossible to read this book & not be moved to tears by this man..especially since knowing of passing...

my heart goes out to
his wife Jai, read more about her courage *here*
and the rest of his family.

I feel like a better person just by reading this book......better because Randy lived. Thank you God for Randy's life.