Wednesday, December 03, 2008


gentle readers it's COLD today!!!!!!!!

it's been cold the past few days, and today I'm SHIVERING!

day's like today make me want to knit something warm.

Alabama usually doesn't feel this cold to me, maybe it's just me feeling colder this year....but man, it's COLD!

I knitted myself a warm hat last year & haven't worn it but once because it's so warm (it's a beret style hat), but I sure have been wearing it lately (in fact it's going to be washed today it's been worn so much!)

I am so happy that we have all the business we needed to take care of finished because it's a load off of my mind to have the 'heavy' stuff taken care of now.

I have never made such great friends in my life as I have made on they are such a great group of people & not one single person has looked down on me, or has questioned why I can't do this or that...etc. They are just a great group of people! I love that site! It's my favorite site ever.

I have almost all my Christmas crafting finished except for the quilt I need to finish sewing binding on for my Dad's quilt, and I need to put the backing/binding on my Granny's quilt. Those things won't take me long because the tops are what take a long time for me. I will be glad to get all my Christmas crafting finished so that I won't feel so rushed.

I'm going to try to knit up some gloves. I stink at trying though. I've tried to knit mittens/etc. and I always do the thumbs too tight....but I am going to give it the ol' college try again for at least 4 pair (for us). I know they won't be finished by Christmas, but they will be finished someday & will be needed then, won't it? (LOL)

Friday, I am going to see my aunt & cousin. My cousin has ALS (the same thing that my Mom died from). I tried calling them yesterday & I think Sheila answered because I couldn't understand her easily. I can't wait to see them...I hate to know they are going thru this, but God is in charge, He knows breaks my heart.

my ex sister in law called me yesterday. She is going to be a Grandma. I can't believe it. She is so excited & it's a happy time in her life because her children were adopted & she never got to see the oldest one is moving here to be with her & she is pregnant. It's not a perfect circumstance, but Lorie seems so happy! I know that I would be happy to see my oldest children & youngest children together, you know? I just can't believe Lorie is going to be a Grandma! Does that mean we're getting old? (LOL)

Lorie say's she's going to my cousins home too on Friday, and it will be good to see them all. Lorie was a good nurse to my Mom, and I will always be her friend. She was my sister in law for 14 years & I don't know how to stop being her sister just because my brother left her & is now living with another woman that he expects me to love now. My heart just doesn't turn that fast.

this week, in homeschool, we are doing more hands on learning. The kids love it when we do that! It always means lots of writing, crafting, etc. I thought it would be a good way to ease back into schedule after last weeks hectic week :) They have no spelling this week, so they are on top of the moon! :)

I am still tired from last week. Man, I'm not use to driving/going that far & going/doing that much! It's just worn me OUT! I will get back to my old self soon :)