Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving without Sugar Momma

It's been so long since I saw your sweet face
I have such tender memories time will never erase.
Thanksgiving is always so bittersweet to me
trying to move forward, but that doesn't seem to be the way it needs to be.
I remember so well all those Thanksgivings before
you told me you weren't going to be here for any more.
Thanksgiving 2004 is one of those days I won't forget
You told me you were going home soon...on that you'd be willing to bet
you knew that would be your last one here on Earth, didn't you?
you knew you'd not be here & you wanted me to know what to do.
I will never forget your sweet sweet hands, your wonderful hugs too
life is so blue without you Sugar Momma...oh it's so blue
in this life we have only so many people that loves us,
but you are no longer here with us, you are in Heaven with Jesus.
There will be no perfect gravy, no tales about my youth
I feel like my life was stolen from me when you died, that's the truth.
There are times I swear I smell your perfume, feel you near
there are times I feel nothing but anger and fear
I don't know how to make Thanksgiving as special as you did,
I know I'm a grown woman, eventhough sometimes I feel like a kid.
I miss having someone to cheer me along
I miss your silly words, and your happy song
I hate I no longer hear your tender voice
I know you aren't with us, because you had no choice
hard working hands are now at rest
God took you from us to prove He only takes the rest.
We still sit at the table you gave so long ago
how often I sit there to fill close to one will ever know.
I don't know how to be here, I don't know how to be me
I don't know how to go thru the rest of my life, being happy to just be.
but I know you wouldn't want me to still cry over you
but I'm so tender hearted thats just me doing what I do.
You told me "In my daughters eyes" was special to you
I never told you how special it was to me too.
I've never been to Heaven, I don't know how it is there
but I know you are with Jesus, ALS no longer is your care
I sure miss your hugs so strong
living my life without them somehow feels wrong
I pray when I get to Heaven I get at least one more
and I hope you are the one that opens Heavens doors.
written by
Kimberly Storey©