Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mary Jane update! 11-22-08

one of my dear online friends paid to have

an ad put in the paper concerning Mary Jane!

I have been in contact with COUNTLESS shelters

& there have been a few 'close calls' where

we think that it's her until we either get there, or they send more pics

and's not her.

I still have quite a few leads to chase down, when I return,

and there's one shelter that has a doggie that someone

thought may be Mary Jane, and I'm trying to get in contact

with them again to schedule to go out there (they aren't open all the time)

so, I will let you know what comes up with that.

I have had a few phone calls & nothing came out of them. There was one call from this little old lady that was the sweetest phone call I've had in a while!

she was darling!

I haven't heard from the family that tried to adopt her since they mentioned they had placed ads in craigs list & had called 2 shelters.

here's pics of Mary Jane just to remind you of what she looks like