Wednesday, November 05, 2008

post election.....le sigh.

I had a nice long blog entry planned for today, concerning my thoughts on the election.....but after much prayer, and especially after the wonderful words McCain said last night......and my preacher said tonight.........I still have more words to add to my thoughts before 'putting pen to paper' as it were.

for those of you that didn't know, I was administrator for this little nice group on Ravelry, called NObama. That, in fact, was also my screen name for a time....I have asked Casey (the code monkey) to delete the group......and I also changed my screen name to SugarMomma (to honor my Mother that died with ALS).

I have never been apart of such a diverse small group like NObama was. We had a great success in our 'reaching across party lines' with our views & we all became great friends there......

I plan on posting more about that as I post about my thoughts about the election.....just not groom just walked in. Im closing for now.