Sunday, November 30, 2008

it's midnight...are you shopping?

while in Savannah we saw a great many and did a great many things. In the picture above you see my Wonderboy, Supergirl, MIL, and groom. (yep, my groom doesn't know how to pose)LOL.

my MIL is just pure awesome. She's just a little bitty thing but you'd never know it by what all she gets into & does!

while we were there, she said "we are going to our mini mall at midnight" on Thanksgiving. YEP. ME...all of us. I am terribly afraid of crowds, and I didn't know if I could do it, but I had on my big girl panties & off we went. ON THURSDAY NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! I couldn't believe the people that were up, and about......there was free pop corn to be found, a chill in the air, and a new pair of pants & a beautiful blouse for me to have when Christmas gets here. :) Which is awesome because I only own 1 pair.

my Supergirl is a master shopper in the making. She just loves to go & that is when she is in her enviroment. She doesn't have to buy anything, she just enjoys looking. I'm going to make a conscious effort to take her matter how I hate it....she loves it & that's what's important (ITS NOT JUST ABOUT YOU KIM!)....

my Wonderboy was all for going, but realized he wasn't a shop-aholic & was ready to go after the first 3 stores....LOL. Figures he'd take after me. LOL. He still smiled & had a good time. He saw this Star Wars book that he just loved & Nanna ended up buying it for him & giving it to him straight away when we all got home.

my groom had a great time :) which was even more awesome! He hates to shop like I do, but he was just as patient as my step FIL (Mr. Bill) and just let us go, see, and do all we wanted to.

it was my first time ever being out in the crazy-ness that was the day (well night of) after Thanksgiving (like that). My Mom had sent me years & years ago the day after Christmas & I swore I'd never do it again after that nightmare, but they all made it such fun! I may make it a tradition with my Supergirl....afterall, if I do that's a flat out guarantee I will get to see her at least one day out of the year when she gets grown, right? LOL

I will be posting more stories about our trip......but that is all for now.