Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bucket List

Bucket List
while at the MIL's we saw The Bucket List. It had some ugly words in it, but all in all it was a good movie in the aspect of coming to terms with life, death, and what all we hope to accomplish before going HOME.
Not to be outdone, I am starting to compile my very own BUCKET LIST.
NO, I'm not dying...but just a little bit every day :)
  • live until I'm too old to die young
  • see my children grow up to be God loving, strong, happy, successful, and kind adults that come to see us all the time.
  • see all my family saved & going to church regularly
  • move somewhere no one knows me but family
  • make someone happy without expecting anything in return
  • give a stranger in need a helping hand (RAK style)
  • buy my groom a 'real' present
  • be a better wife and Mom
  • pay for my groom to go target shooting with his friends
  • go to Egypt
  • go to Greece
  • go on a cruise to Alaska
  • play piano in church
  • make my Dad proud of me
  • stop having nightmares about Mom's passing
  • forgive myself as God has forgiven me
  • stop thinking I'm the ugliest duckling
  • see something breath takingly beautiful
  • kiss the most beautiful grandchildren in the world
  • sing lullabies to my grandchildren
  • watch my children grow & see what they become
  • be in contact with Corey and Emily
  • have dinners with all 4 of my children
  • meet at church with all 4 of my children
  • buy a new Bible
  • meet a new friend
  • drive in a busy town
  • go sky diving
  • go bicycling in Maine
  • see the Grand Canyon
  • swing with my children
  • laugh until I cry
  • cry until I laugh
  • thank God without asking why
  • pray without asking why not?
  • realize that it isn't about me
  • go shopping & not worry about the grocery budget that week
  • get my groom a 'real' present
  • get my children Christmas presents that make them say it was the best present, best Christmas...ever
  • finally talk my daughter into believing I am her biggest fan
  • FROG (Fully Rely On God)
  • go on weekend retreat with my MIL, and the ladies
  • knit a coat
  • have a successful *something* in my life
  • go shopping at the worlds craziest time ever
  • have the children nice clothes to wear
  • be happy
  • go on vacation
  • take my Dad on vacation
  • take my in-laws on vacation
  • buy my children a car
  • pay for my children to go to college
  • pay for my daughters wedding, and my sons wedding reception
  • befriend their mates
  • make an effort to love them like my kids do
  • spoil my family shamelessly
  • start having family reunions
  • stop worrying about finances
  • ride every ride at the fair
  • eat until I'm full
  • get back into shoebox ministries
  • become a better friend
  • be THERE for someone that needs a gentle ear
  • hold the hand of someone that has no one
  • go to a concert
  • go to a football game

I am sure this will be continued as I think of them


Suzanne B said...

Looks like a great list!