Friday, November 07, 2008

I heard about Mary Jane this am.

I FINALLY heard from Mary Janes new owners.....and this is part of the email

The next thing I need to tell you is the hardest because you put such faith in us and I feel we failed you and also May Jane. What happened was we put her outside to see if she had to go potty and she panicked for unknown reasons an bolted through part of our fence and knocked it down and ran so fast we couldn't catch her (a guy in a truck who saw her said she was running at about 25mph). We have been searching for ever since and we even checked our three local animal shelters to see if she was there but no luck. So my gut feeling is she loves you guys so much that she is trying to get home to you. She is constantly in my thoughts and prayers for her safety as she is a very sweet girl. If she does make it home to you please let me know and maybe we could try again which is entirely up to you as I haven't given up on her.
I am so terribly sorry to give you such bad news about Mary Jane and I should have let you know sooner but like I said we have been out searching for her as much as possible.

if you have the time to pray for this dog, please do. We are going to be searching for her & if/when we find her we are going to keep her..even if it means I go hungry. We just can't go thru this again....Mary Jane can't go thru this again. Bless her heart....I feel so terrible for her.

I won't post my personal feelings about this....I'm too upset at the moment.

please pray for this little doggie.