Friday, November 07, 2008


we are at the end of our math camp week, and man has it been fun! :) I enjoy math & english more than any other class with my children.

They have been learning even more than usual about math this week ....I loved having math camp week! :-) we will for sure be having it again! :-D

my cold has finally gotten to the point my coughing has caused a tummy is SOOOOO sore..and I know it's from all the 'hacking' I've been doing.

Christmas is just around the corner & I'm so happy because someone has contacted me about my webwork! :-) It's not a whole lot of money, but a lot comes from a little! Please pray this go well for all involved and that it's a positive experience that brings even more work to me. With my groom getting such short time at work we need it.....God is good that way....when a door closes, He gives you a window......not to jump out of either! LOL LOL LOL

today is test day in school :-) The spelling words this week are all math should have seen their faces when they realized that on Monday....*grins* I so love challenging my children with these classes and they are doing wonderfully.

I can't help but wonder & be concerned about where homeschooling will fall on the next administrations priority list. I'm not going to cast on extra worry, but I do plan on taking on the extra expense of the Homeschooling Legal Defense when our taxes come in this will just make me feel may not ever have to be used, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

I am finally getting use to my hair.....a little's taken some getting use to, and I feel strange still......but I know that this too shall pass. :-)

we always look forward to Fridays here because that means the weekend is on it's way. Weekends are so fun at our home because we just love spending time together....what is it about the weekend that makes us so happy????????.....don't you just love weekends?

tomorrow I'm going to my Grannys house & cleaning it for her. She's well into her 80's and she is the sweetest lady in the world!!!!!!!! I love her BIG! I always look forward to hanging out with her and Saturday will be a good time for sure.

have a great day everyone!