Monday, November 10, 2008

how long can I go without knitting?

I have a bit of an issue.....and I know it.

I'm addicted...........addicted.........addicted to knitting.

I have a few quilts I'd like to get sewn for Christmas prezzies, but I can't get the mind off the knitting. I use to only quilt & it was my 'craft' but since learning to crochet, and then later on knit......I've chosen knitting over them all.

last night, I had to fight the urge to take my knitting to the movie.....I actually asked my groom
"what will I do with my hands?"

yep. maybe I need to take a step back from the knitting? LOL

I have put up my knitting bag, and I'm trying to concentrate on my sewing at least until I get these 3 quilts out.

  • Mr. Bills (my step FIL)-all that I like on it is the trim/border
  • Granny Elvas- all that I have done on it is the quilt top
  • Dad's-his looks like pooey. I've tried a million ways to like the material, and make it pretty for him.....he is just SOOOOOOOOOO hard to get presents, make presents for. I'm not even sure I will give it to him. It LOOKS THAT BAD.

*qulp* have I lost my quilting MOJO? The whole time I'm sewing I wish it were knitting. LOL. I think my quilting MOJO has taken a left turn.

how long can I go without knitting?

I will let you know!