Thursday, October 30, 2008

*whew* I made it thru yesterday!

I am so thankful that yesterday is overwith. I am also thankful that the anniversary of my Sugar Momma's death fell on a church day so that I could go to church. It sure helps fill your cup to be in the house of the Lord.

my groom is on short time from work, and he was home last night. He also went to church with us. In 8 years, that's the first time he's ever gone with us. He's usually at work, so it was a happy thing (despite how hard it is on our finances) for him to be with me. >>>picture me grinning ear to ear here<<<

I kept myself busy yesterday because I knew if I had idle hands I'd do nothing but cry all day. I don't want to cry....Sugar Momma has overcome this ALS & hurts no more, she is in Heaven with Jesus...crying would feel so selfish.

so, what in the world did I do?

I belong to and they have a pattern section where you can go & 'save' or queue the patterns that you like. I've been there for over a year, so you can imagine how many pages of patterns I've saved. I have gone in there & organized them not only by what they are (think sweater, gloves, socks) but also what type yarn they call for (think lace, aran weight, dk) and I'm just finishing up putting them into how much yarn they use catagories. Yes, I like it very much!!!!

I also finished up my step father in laws Christmas prezzie, well one of them. I finished up his scarf. Now, I'm off to make him a lap blanket for his favorite team, Georgia Tech :) My friend, V, found the material, so I'm exctied to get started on it :).

here's what I have thus far Christmas wise (finished)

  1. Bill's scarf
  2. Nancy's shawl
  3. Granny Tuckers shawl
  4. Barbara's shawl
  5. Barbara's roll tide purse
  6. Dad's socks
  7. Nancy's socks
  8. Nancy's cowl/scarf

I have a few things for my own kiddos, but I can't put them down use in having extra temptation now is it?

I feel like I'm cruising right along to getting all the things finished that I need to complete before Christmas. I have almost 2 months :) so heres the list of still to do.

  1. Bill's lap-quilt
  2. Granny Elva
  3. Dad (who knows what to make him??? He's so hard to make for!!! What do you make a man that is a real life honest to goodness 'good ol boy'? He doesn't like scarves, and I've never seen him even wear a pair of gloves...what can I make him???)
  4. Granny Marie (her shawl is underway)
  5. Travis SOMETHING...I don't know what to make him....he's as hard to knit for as my Dad is, if that's possible.
  6. Si'Ara a little sumpin' sumpin'
  7. Mike too!

so, you can see I've been a busy little bee, and I'd better stay at it if I expect to get everything finished. I need to get Bill's quilt finished because we will be giving them their prezzies on Thanksgiving when we go to Savannah (Lord willing we still get to go)....

I wish that my kiddos liked knitted things more. I understand they see me knitting all the time, all the time, all the time...but they don't 'like' them.....they don't 'ask' me to knit them anything........ahhhh...perhaps when they get older?

I also hate being known as the gift giver that will for sure only give handmade/homemade things........LOL know my family dreads seeing me coming...LOL LOL LOL

last year I worked some for one of my friends that owns a quilt making business to help bring in Christmas presents. There's no doing that this year, she's stopped doing it....*sob*, I don't know where the money for the kiddos presents will come from, but I know they will have presents.....okay, it may only be knitted ones...but they will have something. Thank God I know how to knit :)

my brother, Tim, hasn't spoken to me in well over a year. He has been nothing but mean & nasty to me since he found out I talked to his ex wife. Yep. He got angry with me because I talked to the woman that was my sister by marriage for 14 years and added her on myspace...yep. That's the straw that broke the camels back. Never mind, he went to strip clubs & lived high on the hog with my ex husband knowing full well Mike wasn't paying his child support, etc. He told me "it has nothing to do with me, or my friendship with Mike." When I said basically the same thing, and explained how as a Christian I was due to forgive my former SIL for what she had done to me, NOT TO HIM, but to me he still was angry. He has been so angry, in fact he's completely cut off me, and my family here, from him. NO calls, no presents for the kids, no b'day calls for the kids, no nothing. He has in fact said in his mind he is an only child. *ouch*

last Christmas I took part of my working's from said friends quilt shop & gave said brother & his new girlfriend Christmas presents. Nothing. Not so much as a thank you or even a hello from them. They took the presents of course. They didn't even get my children anything for Christmas, eventhough he makes good money. I guess that whole he's an only child thing meant he also isn't an uncle to a 13 and 14 year old that can't understand why you are mad at them....great job there, Tim.

so, this year I'm getting him nothing for Christmas. I'm making him even less than that. I'm not sending him a b'day card or nothing for him. There's no need in putting myself out there to get hurt, or spending any more of Travis' hard earned money on someone that 'hates me' anyway.

I'm not even going to ask Dad how Tim did/made it thru/yesterday. He's made it clear how he feels about me, so I'm leaving him be. I'm honoring his wishes. I'm treating my life as he said I have no sibling. *ouch* man...that still hurts that he said that.....but okay anyway.

well, this isn't getting knitting finished, so I am off to knit! :-)

have a wonderful day!