Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mary Jane will have a forever home SATURDAY!!

wow, the power of freecycle, people that care, ravelry, and bestfriends network!!

the past few days I've had quite a few questions about Mary Jane, and a couple of people that seemed really interested in her....

thank you all for reaching out, being willing to open up your homes, heart, and love, to this doggie that wants it so badly.

"Susan" will be Mary Jane's Momma starting Saturday, and while we will all cry and miss her we are so happy that she is going to a family with 2 boys, 2 boy dogs, and a Mom and Dad. Mary Jane will love it with them I am sure!

I can't wait to meet you Saturday, and I can't wait to see how you & Mary Jane get along. I am like a proud Momma.....I know you are going to love her!


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