Wednesday, October 29, 2008

3 years ago today.

3 years ago today, my Sugar Momma passed away after a battle with ALS. It was one of the most terrible struggles I have ever seen, the way she fought ALS, but on the day she passed away, it was a gentle, soothing she just went to sleep.

after having so much time that I devoted to helping her (who wouldn't help their sick parent???), I remember feeling like I didn't know what to do next.

I have kept up trying to help all those that I can with this disease, and trying to be their for the family members...but up until the recent diagnosis of my sweet cousin Sheila having ALS.......I thought ALS was thru with us......apparently this is not the case.

the Christmas after my Mom died I made the decision after reading about a child who was needing hair for a wig (locks of love) that I was going to grow my hair out to donate to this cause.

I am hoping to cut my hair next month, so that means it's been like growing a crop for 3 years. (lol)My hair was boy cut short when Mom died, and now it's down about mid-back (think around my bra). My groom doesn't think it's grown out much, I don't believe......but for it to have grown over 10" in 3 years I think that's not half bad!

I have extrememly curly frizzy hair that is a pain to try & care for. I think I have the ugliest hair I've ever seen. But, to someone that has lost their hair to cancer/treatments, I'm sure they won't mind my hair one bit. :)

I will be so happy to meet this goal of doing this! I haven't been to the beauty shop but once in 3 years, so this is going to be such fun! :) My friend (whom I went to cosmetology college with a few years ago) is going to cut it for me. :) So, I will get to see her! Good news for sure.

The past couple of years, on this date, I have just hid in my room all day, crying...(my groom doesn't like for me to cry for sure!)......but this year I'm going to try to make today a celebration of her life. Not one to focus on how she died.....or the fact she did die. In order to be perfected & be in Heaven we all have to die....dying is just a part of living....eventhough it hurts like the sand to be without her and I miss her more than I can ever say......I do find comfort in knowing that she is with Jesus. There is truly no better place to be.

I miss you Sugar Momma. I hope someday to make you proud.


knitogether (ravelry ID) said...

Someday? She is proud of you TODAY!

knitogether (ravelry ID) said...

Someday? She is proud of you TODAY!

Kimbo said...

aren't you just the sweetest person ever, knitogether!!!

thank you so much for encouraging me on such a hard day!

God bless!