Saturday, October 11, 2008

that's the day that 2 girls met at Jacks....

that's the night they spun some innocent yarn......


gentle friends, I had a glorious time today with a new friend!

I live in a really small town in Alabama, and I had all but given up on finding ANYONE under 80 that knew how to knit, or even spin! :D

we met at Jacks fast food, and I knew right away it was her....why? Because she had a basket with beautiful fiber sitting on the table with her...LOL. Did I mention that she had beautiful fiber on the table?

I feel like we hit if off right away, and that doesn't happen to me every day, especially with females, it seems I get along so much better with males. Maybe it's because I use to be so close to my brother....ahhh I don't know.........NE way......

I carried her some peaches and cream yarn, because no matter what kind of yarn she liked.....I figured anyone could knit some washcloths, you know? And she had brought me some beautiful fiber!!!!!!!! ohhh just beautiful!!!!!!!...and I just felt the fiber and it's so soft, and so wonderful!

add to her wonderful personality, the fact that she knits, and spins, and also homeschools her children & it adds up to her being a big deal, in case you couldn't tell from my jumbled up words here :)

we had so much in common.....the fact that I have ADD (LOL) and the fact that I get nervous in crowds, etc........and to finally meet someone that understands that is amazing! :)

as a homeschooling Mom she totally understood how my children are my whole life, and its just so good to talk to someone that understands what is going on with you and don't look at you like you are insane whenever you talk about what you love about homeschooling, or was just the nicest visit. :)

oh, she taught me to spin!!!!! okay, she tried her hardest....and I was so excited because I 'kinda' got's just the kind of thing that you have to keep practicing, you know? And she also showed me how to ply.......(a huge deal!!!)

After I actually learn how to knit (after only God knows how long it will take me to practice) I'm going to show off my work here, but until then, I will keep it to myself, because I seem to only notice my mistakes in it now...and the OCD in me just can't let it be shown in public yet..I hope you all understand.

when you consider how huge this world is, the fact that the internet introduced me to someone that lives just a few miles away is outstanding!!!!!! God is so good to me! :)

it was a great hour, and I hope someday we have more than just 2 at our sit and knit.....even if it has to wait until I move to a bigger town to get a 'sit and knit' I will.....:) today was such a great experience! I had just the best time....thank you so much, new friend.