Wednesday, October 15, 2008

okay, does this make me a professional?

I have been knitting this sweater for someone that works with my groom. Actually it's more of a cropped (boob holder) type sweater. I didn't have a pattern & I just 'eye balled' her sweater she sent here & did my best to make another one like it :).

she tried to pay me something on it, but in all honesty, I wanted to do this for charity...after all the hours I spent making up the pattern, knitting it, frogging it, knitting it again...doing the lace patterns on it, blocking it...and such...........I don't think anyone could pay me for it. I wanted to do this for her.

I finished the wee sweater & my groom took it to his job for her to try it on, and I was afraid it wouldn't fit, or she wouldn't like it, etc. but it fits, and she loves it! So much so, she is buying a lacy scarf I knitted out of some of the kidsilk haze I had :) She is paying me for the scarf..........does that make me a professional? I feel like an artist that has sold their first painting! :) I feel like an I?