Wednesday, October 08, 2008

a new sweater..perhaps.

hello, gentle readers.

A friend of my grooms works with him, and she is pretty much jacketless. She has been in need for some sort of 'sweater/jacket' so I took it upon myself to knit her one for free. She sent me a sweater/jacket that she liked & I tried my best to mimic pattern no nothing other than this little sweater/jacket to go by.

I have worked on it for weeks. There was a period of time that I put it down because of my ankle injury...I couldn't count, thus I couldn't knit this lacy sweater/jacket.

I finished the body of the sweater, and went to finish it up so that I could add the extra lacey edging, and it's too small for me. My groom says she's smaller than I'm hoping it fits because this was some of my really good lace yarn & all these weeks out of my Christmas knitting I needed to do..oh Lord...I hope it fits. If it doesn't all this work will be for nothing....Then again, I guess I could just go ahead & give it to charity.....right?

I sometimes just giggle at myself. Do I ever do anything just perfect? Doubtful. This is not an epic failure yet..but it's sure something to giggle at for sure. It's a beautiful little sweater/jacket so I hope it fits her.

all I like is a wee bit of lacey knitting on the edging (which I hope I get everything finished and it to her by Friday....) and I certainly hope it fits.......

I made this pattern up from start to if it's a fit I don't know if you can live with me. LOL. That's something that would make me feel like more than a beginner knitter.....which people say I'm more than that because I can knit lace.....from the Victorian Lace Today book....LOL I don't know....does it? does it?

my sweet cousin that has the very same disease that my Mom died from is going to be so surprised with all of the cards everyone is sending her!!!! Thank you all so much for reaching out to Sheila & sending her cards while she's fighting this ALS. All of you totally rock!

if you want to be involved with our CARDS FOR SHEILA campaign just message me & I will get you her addy!!

God bless,