Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I'm not sure what to do about this one.

Hello, gentle readers!

I am in a quandry here..I'm not sure what to do.

I am a member of and have been for over a year now. I was also a member of a karma swap group there & claimed some yarn from a particular member via that board.

now, I understand being behind, and not being able to send out right away because lets face it real life gets in the way & speaking from personal experience from my own financial problems, and my own ankle problems (health) I understand. But, I sent out all of the yarns from those different trades she offered and now I'm out the yarn....what can I do except 'gripe' about it in my blog? LOL

but, I PM'd those that I owed & also kept letting the group know when I mailed out......I have PM'd this particular person a few times to check on her (because she hadn't been on there in like a month and I didn't want to assume the worst....hey she could have been sickly or something, right?) and still no answer from her.

she has a blog, right? So, I clicked on it and sure enough she's been following things on TV, having things posted about this and that, and no mention of anything at all being, I messaged her in her blog just asking if she were okay (you get to feeling like you know people after being apart of a board with them, you know?), and letting her know we all miss her & such.

I know that it's just 6 skeins of yarn....but it's still 6 skeins of yarn.

what upsets me is not hearing from her. I don't know if something is wrong or if she's just avoiding me......I have sent out everything that I owe, even if it had to be me without food to eat like I needed to because I didn't want to let others down, and HEY your word means something.

if you can't send out quickly, all you have to do is let someone know :) I know that the few people that I owed for a while were very understanding when I pm'd them & let them know as soon as I could their package would be out....and now that the finanical straits are not as bad, and my ankle is getting better....I'm all caught up, and ready to go.

I am owed 1 skein of yarn that I had totally forgotten about until the person PM'd me to say they were sending it out soon (how awesome is that?), and she also told me to not worry about mailing to her until my break had healed....*happily I was able to mail to her this past Friday*, I love that I have this yarn coming & I had totally forgotten about it! LOL

I have left all of the 'claiming yarn' groups I was apart of because one of the ones I was apart of I kept 'gumming up' the works...I just couldn't keep up with what I was expected to do...and there was this one 'bid' that had beautiful yarn in it I had never tried, or even touched, and everyone loves this yarn...and there was mags too! It was an 'anything goes' thread so I offered 3 different posts & no one claimed....(meaning I changed out 3 different times) and the last one I offered 4 skeins of yarn! It was a wool blend yarn too, really nice and soft...and it got a disagree....sob, so I unclaimed that yarn I had wanted...and I left the group. I don't have the yarn that was wanted, and I didn't need the 'grief' of trying to figure out something someone may want to claim. Life is TOO short!

I have a pretty good stash, and I can just be happy with, if that lady doesn't ever send me those 6 skeins of yarn, that's just fine. I'm sure she has her reasons, and I'm going to try & let this go.......I have PM'd one of the mods of that group to ask how I should handle it, but I'm just going to try & let this go.....trying........


have a wonderful day in the Lord.


Pam said...

That is strange. You would have thought she would have contacted you at least. That would be the polite thing to do.
What happened at hsb? The post just wouldn't go up?

Kimbo said...

I just can't get anything to publish there. I may go back after the kinks get worked out, but for now I'm hiding here..LOL

I don't know what to think about this person (about the yarn), it is thought that perhaps she's sick??? I don't will all work out.....

thanks for your posting, Pam!!

God bless!