Friday, October 31, 2008

Mary Jane's last night here

tears of sadness we shall shed for thee

thankful that this happy ending, though, we shall be.

we thank the Lord that you came into our life

we just hate that you've had such strife.

don't ever think we didn't love you so

it's true love to love something/someone so much, you let it go.

happy times ahead for you, it's clear to see

I pray from time to time you will think of me.

Mary Jane, you have made a place in my heart

I will forever hold you close, in it we will never part.

written by Kimberly Storey


knitogether (ravelry ID) said...

I cried as I read your poem -- so poignant. The photos show that Mary Jane loves you and your family, too. Bless you for caring for her and for finding her a forever home.