Wednesday, October 22, 2008

anyone (local) need a good dog?

remember the dog that I posted about that was adopted to another home? Her name is Mary Jane.
Yesterday the person that adopted her returned her here, 5 weeks after adoption, saying that she had back problems & such.
I won't address the issue of why she was brought back, or my personal thoughts about her return.....I will, however, post that this doggie is back up for adoption. We can't keep her, and it's to the point here that we can't affordto feed her, so we have only 2 options here. Either adopt her back out, orgive her to the pound...and they only usually keep them alive for 2 weeks and if they aren't adopted they put them down. This doggie doesn't deserve this, it's not her fault.......she's had hard luck in her life & all she needs is a forever home.
We are giving it until Saturday (that's as long as we can keep her fed) and then after that we will take other (drastic) measures.
if you have room in your home, life, and heart for a big dog...please PM me and give Mary Jane a forever home.
side note:I am not Wal-Mart & bringing her back any time you want is not fair to her. Please consider this before contacting me.
please pass this around to everyone on your list. I hate to think that she has to be put down if she's not adopted.

must be local to the Henagar, Alabama area


Anonymous said...

She is a beautiful dog in her photos and I am interested in her and have sent you an email. Susan