Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a rant.....and I'm angry!

our little clan here have taken it upon ourselves to be a shelter of sorts for abused/neglected/deserted doggies and kitties. We've done this for a few years & for the most part they were adopted out all well and fixed and the adoptions were given & they are only heard from in Emails and such....all happy endings...until today.

we aren't able to afford any more animals, so we had given up this charity because it's basically to the point of do I feed my kiddos or do I feed the strays...duh. I feed my kiddos...and the strays will just have to go elsewhere.

today, the woman that begged me for Mary Jane (the big dog that was deserted, neglected, dumped 30 miles away from here, found her way back here because she had belonged to the neighbor next to her, and all around treated like crap)..and since I had just hurt my ankle so badly I knew I couldn't care for Mary Jane (she weighs like 70 lbs!)..and I thought it was an answer to our prayers..she has a lot of property, and owns a really big nice house...I thought it was another triamph.

today, this BIANCA drove by (her Mom is one of my neighbors) and announced to me rather non-chalant that she was dropping MJ off because she has a hurt back & can't keep her (WHAT??? AFTER ALL THESE WEEKS??? I'M NOT FREAKING WAL-MART!!!).....and then not 5 minutes later she dumped her out in my yard, giving the leash to my daughter & my daughter had no clue what was going on!

then, this BIANCA was across the way explaining to try & make herself feel better about how she is afraid MJ would get hurt & such.and I Just looked at her & said
"Whatever lady. She has to go to the 'pound' anyway, because we can't afford to feed her & I've already called & cried & begged everyone I knew to try & find her a home..I mean for Bob's sake we live in a small mobile home & don't have room for her as it is...but we were trying to keep her alive & then you came & begged......I mean begged & cried to get her & now these weeks later you think you can bring her back & make it okay with me? NO TRASH! You are such a BIANCA!!!!!!! I can't believe YOU HAVE DONE THIS TO HER AGAIN!!!! She is so upset there is no controlling her & she's already tried to 'lunge' at my dog here, and after my cats....so she's having to stay outside...all because of you & your precious whatever the world it is you have going on! Do you not realize she has feelings & she doesn't even know what the world is going on? How do you think it's going to make me feel or even look to my children when I have to take her to the pound? I am not a shelter here......I am so upset!!!!!! you had better not even freaking speak to me BIANCA ever again because I swear I'm gonna bust a gasket.

what the world is wrong with people! I swear! WHY WHY WHY did you do MJ this way? IF you couldn't keep her, why didn't you take care of your 'problem' yourself instead of bringing it back to my door! NOW I HAVE TO FIGURE OUT WHAT TO DO!!!!!!! OMBOB>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooo upset......you are such a loser. I can't believe you did this.....you lame BIANCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!