Wednesday, March 18, 2009

we had just the best day today ☺

we went fishing today (and of course these pics aren't in order) but I had to share.......we had a great time & we are so happy it's spring break time!

I allowed the children to have my camera to take pics, and this is one of them. I just love how tickled they are at (SOMETHING)...☺

don't you just love Father/daughter pictures? Especially when it's so obvious the daughter is scared to death of the wee fish she just caught. Dad is beaming with pride. It was her first fish & she's going to be 15 in May.

Wonderboy took ^this pic and ↓this pic. I think he did a fantastic job!

"see Momma, I CAN fish sitting down!"
my two guys. Talking about fishing and other things.

oh yea. I had to FROG THAT SWEATER AGAIN!!! I'm so not even trying to knit it.

my Supergirl. Isn't she amazing!

I love the illusion of this pic. It looks like the kids are sitting on my hubbs beef jerky stick

my hubbs whispering sweet somethings

I love this pic of my Wonderboy! He will be 14 in September

Little Man.....barking at a duck. Supergirl named the duck Mr. Duck

see that duck? He let the children touch him!

I love this picture so much. I'm going to make a banner out of the pic.

I swear I have the craziest hair ever. Look how nicely my Wonderboys hair looks & mine looks like I'm in a wind tunnel!
more duck pics!
Yep. Can you tell we're related?

all of those groceries aren't mine. Promise. I didn't eat them all, but I did try to get some spinning in, though.

a test knit project I finished while we were can see the string ☺ but I will fix it all when I put buttons on it. I love this!