Thursday, March 19, 2009

03/19/09 fitness report.

oh yea. I'm totally rocking this exercise thing & it feels great!

Yesterday was my off day, so I hit it hard today.

Level 3 of Shred/and walk the dog/run *30 mins*

and the following weight lifting

lower pull

1/4/ deadlift
60lbs. X's 10, 80lbs x's 12-12-15

stiff legged deadlift
60lbs. x's 12-8-8

exercise ball hamcurl (new exercise, work on technique)

upright row
30lbs x's 6-8-8

one arm dumbbell row 15lbs x's 12-12-12

yates row
30lbs. x's 10-15-15

static hang
3 attempts at 5 seconds each
(not counted as sets)