Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I entered a contest on and am thrilled to have won 2 more weeks on the site!

I joined the site for free when I purchased 2 DVD's and it was coming upon my time to be over there and so it's good to have 2 more weeks! YEA ME! I'm there to like April 11th??? I think! ☺ so it's good news.

I'm off from working out today, and I'm a little 'lost' without it. I made myself sore...that 90 minutes was yoza!!! Hard! ☺ But fullfilling ☺

I also went to and downloaded some free mini-workouts with Jillian ☺ it was another 'freebie' I found out about with my DVD's. SO, I have enough's just to stay away on days I need to be off now. I'm officially addicted to working out, running, lifting weights, etc. I love it....and even on weeks I don't really see changes in the scale (I'm down to my last 8ish pounds), I still feel like I'm doing some good without overtraining....and it's all for free! I have the weights here, and my DVD's here, and the exercise tv has free sections on it too ☺ yippeee me.

still no money back to me in regards to that bianca that took off with my money when I won that Ebay auction (childrens books), and now it's been declared I get that money forward..still no money. STILL. I need this money for my children. I mean come on. I've even taken to being desperate & sending the "what the world do I need to do to get my money back" type of message, because all they are doing is saying my prepaid credit card isn't working.....there has to be a resolution. I will get my money back. It's personal because I feel like this woman "TOOK" it from my children. It was for their school lessons. It's time already. I've been patient enough & waited a LONG TIME & I'm tired of being frustrated with it all. Solve it.

the mail drove by without a stop again today. Still no LHOTP box. Yep...blah, blah, blah. You know the story by now if you've read here at all. I just wish I hadn't even signed up for it....I'm obviously not going to have a positive experience here, and I wish I wasn't the type of person that I am, but I can't "forget it". I'm just sick of it all, already.

it's a nice and sunny day & I wish I could run. But, I can't. It's my off day ☺