Tuesday, March 10, 2009

03/10/09 fitness report.

I've made the somewhat crazy decision to go from 5 hours of exercise that I did last week to 6 hours of exercise this week. I want to work up to doing 10 hours of exercise per week. ☺ We shall see how fast I can increase this time.

I worked out to Shred this AM, walked the dog a mile too.(30 mins)

and did the following exercises (weight resistance)

  • front squat- 20lbs. x's 8-10-8-4
  • DB squat (db between legs)-35lbs x's 8-8-8
  • supported lunge (body weight/chair)-6-CRAMPS!
  • overhead db press (seated on ball)-8lbs. x's12-15 10lbs. x's 15-20
  • db press (lying on ball) 10lb. x's12-12-12
  • db flye (on ball)-5lbs. x's 12-15- 8lbs. x's 20
  • standing lateral raise- 5lbs x's 12-12-12

this took me an hour, more or less.

total->1 hour 30 mins