Wednesday, March 04, 2009

of off days and dreams dashed.

Thanks to our power company & their 20% increase this month we are not going to be able to use our saved money to go to Savannah to visit my MIL this spring break. The kids are sad, but understanding, we are too......but man does it hurt to have your dreams dashed so close to getting to get out of town for a while......sometimes you just need to get away...KWIM?

but that's okay. We will deal.

today is my off day from working out, and if you saw my prior post about what I did, you can see why I'm so sore from yesterday's workout. Whew, am I sore! But it will be worth it, when I finally see a change in the scale!

last night, we did everyones BMR, and I was in the bathroom with Supergirl to get her weight to figure the math & I figured why not just take a sneak peak at my weight. My weight was hovering between 130-131! I'm always heaviest at night, and I mean by a good 3-4 lbs and sometimes even 5! I couldn't believe it!

my groom made me promise to not weigh again until Friday. Oh man but okay. I promised.....I'm fighting the urge to know what I weigh this am so much, you just don't know!

if my groom gets home in time, we will go to church tonight, and I hope I'm not as sore then! LOL Can you imagine? LOL

my groom & I have decided to take the kids to the movies & fishing, & hopefully skating on their spring break week. That's better than nothing....I just feel sad that we can't take them to see my MIL. Sigh. I know they were looking forward to it.......BUT going to the movies is a rare treat here, so hopefully we can find 'fitting' movies for them to see.